Nintendo to Announce “New Wii U and 3DS Titles”, Due Release 2013

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an image tweeted by Masahiro Sakurai

an image tweeted by Masahiro Sakurai

Sources are saying that Nintendo is preparing a HUGE MEGATON games announcement for ‘soon’ after the Wii U has launched worldwide.  Hit the break for more details… Continue Reading

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Super Smash Bros. 4 / Super Smash Bros. 3D / Pokemon 3D / Pokemon Wii U (Wii U/3DS)

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First details are coming in…

-Their progress into development is being embellished when they say it is as early as it is. That is to say. Sakurai has already almost entirely laid out his design plan.

-4/3D will interconnect in specific modes.

-Super Smash Bros. 4′s single player mode, (comparable to Subspace Emissary Mode in Brawl), will feature online 4 player co-op play.

- This mode will be playable with your 3DS character should you choose to do so, which has access to special features. (Currently unknown. If I were to guess I would say something that doesn’t change such as costumes or exclusive stickers/power-ups)

-Super Smash Bros. 3D will feature an in-depth single player campaign, as well as online versus mode.

-There is a Colosseum-type mode where players can play exclusively with their 3DS characters. (unclear if you can use your character from Wii U)


-Pokemon 3D and Wii U details coming soon.

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“Super Smash Bros. 4 to debut in 2011″ “Nintendo FEEL?”

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….all I can say for now. I got some other info but theres an NDA on it. More as Im able to reveal…

BREAKING: Apparently, the Wii 2, Stream, Cafe  = Nintendo Feel

Sources state that the controller will use haptic feedback on the screen, allowing the user to feel different textures and sensations.

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Project Cafe (Stream) Unveiled, New Details Emerge, First Super Smash Bros. 4 Details Coming May 2nd

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Okay guys…

Its that time of year again.

For while the information I am receiving stays relevant, I will be maintaining The Nintendrone regularly. Then, when that’s over, its back to usual with info only being posted as its received.

this is a free blog, and I do NOT make a profit.
although the blog is now multiplatform, my connects and sources, as they always have been, are exclusively Nintendo-related.

Project Cafe (AKA Stream)

- Nintendo’s currently leaning toward naming the system Stream. This is not final.
- Rumors stating that the touchscreens on the controller not “HD” are FALSE. The screens are running on HD 6″ screens. The Wii’s output is touted as 1080p standard while in TVMain output. Stream mode will be the same beautiful images shrunken down onto the awesome screens.
- The power of Stream can be noted to be of significantly improved architecture and efficiency over,  say, the Xbox 360. However, the jump will not SEEM too significant to most, as it is roughly equivalent to modern PC gaming.
- Nintendo has been internally developing many first party titles for a long time now. Expect BIG support FAST.
-Ive seen that list of games supposedly being shown at E3. Its not as full of horse shit as you think. I can confirm that Nintendo is intentionally trying to recreate the prelaunch buzz from the pre-Wii days by showing off a lot of big  titles to-come very early-on. Now, that’s not to say they’ll all be at E3, but remember, Nintendo always shows games when they’ve already been in development for a long time…its a policy they’ve adopted earlier this gen.
-3rd party support will be HUGE. But that’s more accurately accredited to the fact that ports of older titles and current assets will maintain greater value to this system’s future software.

Super Smash Bros. 4. (FUCKKK YEAHHHHHH)

- I have some info coming. Really. Like. Or at least I’ve been promised a similar encounter as last gen. May 2nd. Be here or be lttp.

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News: Kingdom Hearts 3D Details

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- Tetsuya Nomura mentioned in Famitsu that Kingdom Hearts 3D for 3DS will have both Sora and Riku as playable characters. The game will feature all new Disney worlds, the story and gameplay will be connected to Kingdom Hearts III.

via The Magic Box

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New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy Headed to 3DS

Posted by Kaizer in Nov 10, 2010, under Nintendo Exclusive

In the Nintendo corporate strategy meeting, Shigeru Miyamoto said that both 2D and 3D Mario titles are in development for 3DS, namely Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros series.

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The Nintendrone Revival: Imminent

Posted by Kaizer in Nov 08, 2010, under The Nintendrone

I swear.


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The Nintendrone is not dead yet.

Posted by Kaizer in Jun 02, 2010, under The Nintendrone

I just wanted to let everyone know that everything is just under works for a revamp. Be on the look out. Subscribe.

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Our Heroin(e): Video Games, Are they Addictive?

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I am addicted. I cannot stop playing. Video games are my heroin(e).

Continue Reading

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Rumor: Nintendo DSi is to WiiHD as DS was to Wii.

Posted by Kaizer in Sep 11, 2009, under Gaming (General), Nintendo Exclusive

Days were dim. Time was running slow. Everyone held their breath in 2004 as Nintendo was set to launch their latest

Wii Emulator, Dolphin running Wii game, upscaled to 720p.

Wii Emulator, "Dolphin" running Wii game, upscaled to 720p.

handheld: the Nintendo DS. A far cry from the traditional Game Boy brand, fans were staring, mouth agape at the wonderment of this bold move. Nintendo reassured them: This is NOT the next Game Boy.

So here we are, years later, and to be honest, I don’t think we can hold them to that. Because the DS picked up steam consistently, through the redesign and relaunch of the DS Lite. And now the DSi. Nintendo has no more reason to continue the Game Boys of old. (Well, here’s to wishing anyways.)
As the Wii launched in November 2006, Nintendo let from their grasp an important piece of information concerning the inner workings of their R&D process. The DS was a test all along. As was the DS Lite. They were testing grounds to see how people would react to a new way of gaming. (Thusly, everyone expected the “Revolution” to have touch screen controls.)

Now we are in the midst of corporate testing once again, it would seem. These tests to reactions in terms of upgrades and the constant barrage of new accessories are giving heed to Nintendo’s master plan:

How would the consumer (you) react if, a la Sega, they simply released an extension to their console? That bridged the gap between theirs and the competition’s power? Well, apparently, you don’t mind much.

More as I learn.

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